Hairstyles for summer 2011

The first signs of new summer 2011 are appearing, a new season approaches. What better time than now to update your look? Start the off right with an eye-catching updo and get swept up for summer 2011!

Try this sassy updo on for size. This gorgeous look highlights the face by keeping the hair back with a few soft tendrils in the mix to frame the face. This style is perfect for office hours and a great evening look. A pristine style like this is greatest for the ladies who want to showcase an ultra-feminine appeal. You can wear this style with your natural hair or add pieces or clip-ons for fullness. Part the hair into small sections and spiral curl each section of hair with a thermal curling iron and let the curls cool. To complete the look, gather the spirals up into a loose bun and then pin the spirals to secure the bun. Leave a few spirals loose in the front and then apply a light holding spray.

This ultra chic updo is beautiful hairstyle for summer 2011! If you are attending a summer fling and want to look your best, this look will work for you. Begin with a rich, moisturizing shampoo and deep penetrating conditioner. For more effective conditioning, place a plastic cap over the hair and sit under a hooded dryer for 40 minutes to let the conditioner penetrate. Rinse the hair thoroughly and then dry it with a handheld tourmaline dryer. Create curls throughout the hair with a thermal curling iron and then clip each curl up with a hair clip to set the curls. When the curls cool, release clips, twist the back section of hair into a large side twist and secure with pins. Create three to four pin curls at the crown and secure with hairpins.

This one gorgeous side sweep is fabulous! It showcases a bevy of curls throughout with a small bouffant in the front. The hair should be clean, conditioned and blow-dried using a comb attachment. The comb attachment gets the hair extra smooth. Next, part the hair in sections at the nape and begin creating small spirals throughout one side of the hair. When the curls are complete, sweep all of the hair to one side and use bobby pins to hold the hair in place.

Hairstyles for summer 2011 video

Retro and rich color 70-80's cuts are the hot hair news for Summer 2011


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