Shaggy Hairstyles

Shaggy hairstyles never go completely out of fashion. There's something about a cut that gives you the messy-on-purpose look everyone loves (and continues to love.) The angular edges and pieces that move give an attitude of cool and sexy. Shaggy, or "shag", hairstyles are a great solution for people who don't want to spend hours getting ready but still want to look trendy and stylish.

What are Shaggy Hairstyles?

A shaggy style means that you will have layers in your cut, but the amount, length, and severity of the layers can vary greatly - but often are cascading layers - giving the 70's shag haircut look. Layers are often cut to frame your face and the part is most often in the middle. In a shag, the layer farthest away from the crown of the head is usually the longest part of the cut. A good design should have lots of movement and bounce.

Styling these popular designs means mastering the art of keeping it messy and sexy without looking unkempt. Using the right hair products can be the difference between the perfect shag and one that just looks like a mess. Styles typically need to have some gel combed through and a volumizer used at the root before being dried with a blow dryer. Using a round barrel brush while drying can help give the volume it needs. After being dried, should have a little hair wax or similar product applied sparingly to piece out the ends. Finish off with a mist of hairspray and some spray shine.

Shaggy hairstyles look best on hair colors with a lot of depth. Depth can be created with lowlights and highlights. It is important you get a beautician who really knows how to give a good cut. While many stylists have the skills, find someone who has some experience. The shag is a bit more difficult than some might expect. A great cut makes the look much more manageable and easy to style. You will need to go back for a trim often to keep your shaggy hair looking just right.

Most shaggy hairstyles include some sort of bangs that can be custom cut to best compliment your face shape. Never let your hair go flat or look dirty. The key is to look like you didn't try too hard on your hair, but that is still looks amazing.
The model's hair is also much in demand young people because it is very interesting if in the eye, especially if you are enthusiasts hair models new course, you could try this one model, and here there are few examples of this hair, please see ok ...

Shag Hair style images for women

Shag Hair style
Shag Hair style
Shag Hair style
Shag Hair style
Shag Hairstyle

Shag Hair style
Shag Hair cut
Shag Hair style

Mens Hair Fashion - Newest Hairstyles for 2009 Cool

2009 new fashion hair for men
New mens hairstyles Winter Spring 2009Short hair with Wild Curls - 2009 spring season hairstyles
Straight Forward, So To Speak - mens hairstyles 2009
New mens hairstyles trends Winter Spring 2009

Korean Guys Hairstyles For Asian Boys Stylish

korean hairstyles - Asian guys Hairstyles Korean guys hairstyles the most popular trend right now for Koreans is short bangs, medium at top, longer back and sides.

Fashion Asian haistyle - cool guys short hairstyle
Fashion Asian haistyle - cool guys short hairstyle

Hair style wedding PICTURES

2009 Male Hairstyles for Short Hair Trends

Mens short haircuts 2009
cool short haircuts for men 2009
cool short haircuts for men 2009
cool short haircuts for men 2009
Cool Mens Haircuts for haircuts
mens haircuts

2009 Spring Short Length Hairstyles For Men Trendy

2009 Spring Short length hairstyles for men can be various styles. But no matter what style is, it can be that great, if you try. Choose one of your favorite hairstyle for your next hairstyle.

2009 Spring Short Length Hairstyles for Men
 Medium Length Hairstyles for Men2009 Spring Short Length Hairstyles for Men
Men's medium length hairstyle

Hair style gallery PICTURES

Shemar Moore Hairstyles

Shemar Moore Short Hairstyles

The hairstyle that Moore wears is one that works incredibly well for a man with his features. The hair cut is called a tapered fade . It is achieved by starting out as close to the scalp as possible to get with the blades of a clipper and fading away from the scalp as the cut moves toward the top of the head. Moore keeps the top of his cut nicely short as well, but there are no real restrictions on the length of the top hair.

Cute Hairstyles by Martin Johnson

Martin Johnshon style his hair with straight hair and messy, but he looks very cool.
with hair like this, as a vocalist he's getting to be different and perfect as the center of attention.

Seen from the side.......

Visible from the front......

Choose For Your Hairstyler

Choose For Your Hairstyler

Trendy Hairstyle

Trendy Hairstyle

Brad Pitt Short Messy Hairstyle 2009

Brad Pitt has been changing his hairstyles often these days.As a result of these regular changes we are lucky to see brad pitt's new messy hairstyle with short hair and a little bit of his french beard cut adds more glamor to his hairstyle which suits him so perfect.

This sexy hairstyle can be done very easily with a little bit of molding cream or any wax gel applied in right proportions on a well razor haircut in required patterns.

Medium Length Asian Hairstyles For Stylish Guys

Below are some of the latest asian hairstyles in different colors for medium length long thick haired guys.

The hairstyles can be blended with additional layers to give a mixed emo layered hairstyle like the one in picture below.If you have enough hair to do curls with them in differet ways you can try out new looks with them like the last asian boys hairstyle with side bangs on the top front.

Short Hair Picture

This autumn it is time to go short. And no we are not talking about the skirts at all! Leave aside the skirts or the hemline of the dresses, this autumn it is time to sport a short yet stunning hairstyle.

Yes, short looks are back again. And if you are one of those fashion conscious divas, it is high time that you visit your hairstylist and get yourself a short yet a sleek look.

It is well established that changing the hairstyle is one of the greatest way to get an image makeover. Be it showing off a new wardrobe or highlighting your weight loss, getting a real short hairstyle will surely set it off by adding a new verve and vibrancy to your look.

Short show off hairstyles can give you a fresh modern look that will never go out of style, and at the same time, will also be more manageable, and a breeze to style. In show off short hairstyles, you have a lot to choose from. Be it the Alyssa Milano’s cropped pixie cut or the new Winona Ryder bob hairstyle, you can really experiment a lot with your hair by cutting it real short.

The trend that is in this season is short hair with layered look. If you want to have that textured look in your hair, just add some hair gel or styling cream to damp the hair, and then blow dry while tousling your hair with your fingers. In fact, one of the best things about having short hair is the fact that it is easy to maintain. So if you are one of those jet setting corporate executives, who despite her hectic schedule is still fashion conscious and worried about her looks, then a short but sleek hairstyle is the best for you. You can also cut down your hair with a razor, as it will allow your hair lots of movement and sleek styling options.

Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles

Everyone wants Sedu hair! Have you seen Sedu hairstyles mentioned and wondered what they are?
Sedu has been such a huge success that any straight, sleek hairstyle is now called a 'Sedu'! The Sedu is an amazing straightening iron that uses the latest ceramic and tourmaline technology to give you shiny, smooth celebrity style hair.Sedu doesn't just straighten - you can also use a Sedu to create waves and curls and always get the same stunning shine!

Nicole Kidman arrived at the UK Movie Premiere of Happy Feet, showing how it's done with a beautifully sleek The celebrity Sedu hairstyles are great for a lot of women who have curly hair, or thicker and course hair. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Barry, Angelina Jolie and many others do not have naturally straight hair like you see them on television. The secret of many stars is their celebrity Sedu Hairstyles.

The celebrity Sedu hairstyles are popular for a reason. The Sedu hairstyles are created using the Sedu Hair Iron. The Sedu hair iron is uniquely designed and patented using ceramic plates that are actually made of tourmaline crystals.

These are combined with an ionic charge to remove static. This removes the problems of cling. The result is a Sedu Hairstyle that will last longer and look better than any other.

Dyed hair. Actors and actresses frequently have to dye their hair and change their celebrity hairstyles in order to fit in to certain roles. The Sedu flattener Iron is designed so that there is no conflict with the dyes normally used in coloring. The celebrity Sedu hairstyles you see can be done with any color of hair.

Whether the Sedu Hairstyle is on Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston or one of the many other celebrity Sedu hairstyles being seen among Hollywood's elite, you can be sure the Sedu celebrity hairstyle was created using a quality made Sedu Hair Iron. If you want to make your own hair style comparable to the many celebrity Sedu Hairstyles, the first step is get your own Sedu hair Iron. The possibilities for your Sedu hairstyles or even celebrity Sedu hairstyles really are limited only by your imagination.

Celebrity Formal Hairstyles

Fall 2008 Celebrities Trendy Formal Haircuts : It’s important to remember that dressing for formal occasions needs some patience and creativity. Bear in mind that the are chosen should you. Never blindly ape a style that looks great on the celebrities.

Celebrity Formal Hairstyles

The hairstyles that you should choose should help you to look slimmer and taller than you actually are. Here are a few simple easy formal hairstyles that can be worn for weddings, proms and other formal occasions.

Easy Formal Hairstyle

One of eh golden rules is that your face cut and the hairstyle shouldn’t have identical cuts. That said French braids half up and half down are aneasy formal hairstyles. Braids and half up dos never go out of fashion and can always recreate the magic.

Blonde Formal Hairstyle

Curls and ringlets can also be used with some of the curls pinned on a side with a stylish pin and the rest of the hair flowing down over the shoulders.

Sporty Formal Hairstyle

Those who have round faces should dos or pull their hair back tightly in a ponytail. It avoids adding volume to an already round face. Those who have an oval shape don’t have much of a problem as far as hairstyles are concerned, since all hairstyles suit them.

Classy Formal Hairstyle

Sexy Formal Haircut