Hairstyle generator software

If you need a free hairstyle generator try this hairstyle software!

1.Hair Master 3
Change your look, start with a new hair style

Hair Master is a wonderful program that can help you try different
hair styles. The program was developed to fit women, men, and
children; regular users and hairdressers alike. The program includes many hair styles intended for different face shapes, skin
colors, ages, and particular details. The program allows you to make modifications to any hair style: you will be able to cut and
comb hair, add highlights, use the free-form tool, or change the
hair color according to your needs.

A good collection of accessories is added in the program as compared to the previous version. These accessories will help you with your new ideas for your new look. Some examples of these accessories are: hats, glasses, tattoo, jewelry, and others.

As for men, the program will enable them to browse through new suggestions for the style of their moustache and beard, so that
they can match them with their hair style.

Another good option the program offers is printing your photo. Moreover, it provides many photo editing tools for you to change the photo's background, add effects, and change the overall appearance. Note, however, that you will not be able to add your own photos in the demo version.

Thanks to the built-in assistant you will be able to change your style by following simple steps. HairStyle, eyelashes, earrings, eyebrows, eyeshades, accessories, hat, lens, lips, necklace, rouges, glasses,... Decide what you want to wear today and know how you will look.

Open your photo and follow the steps of the assistant, the steps, of course, are different if you insert a photo of a male or a female.

Finally, you can use it to have fun, add red hair, sunglasses, big lips and yellow eyelashes to your friend´s photos and share it by e-mail.

The demo version includes a limited number of hairstyles.


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