Blake Lively Hairstyles

Blake Lively Hairstyles "Gossip Girl"

Serena van der Woodsen is a appearance in "Gossip Girl" which has become a common appearance icon.

Character Serena is played by American added Cristina Blake Lively, who became acclaimed because of this role.

The appearance appearance of Serena van der Woodsen is unmistakable, is amid bohemian and chic, sometimes angry appear the romantic, and sometimes with bedrock accents.

Wavy, Imperfect Hair

Long, wavy, highlighted-blonde beard is absolutely Serena Van Der Woodsen's look. She wears extensions on the appearance to get her beard super-long. If you accept continued beard already, it will be easier for you to get Serena's signature hairstyle. Here are some of her looks. J'adore! In the attending aloft (which Blake wore out to banquet with Karl Lagerfeld!), she is alive a atramentous sequined blazer over atramentous high-waisted shorts, a white accepted with a atramentous bra peeking though, crazily aerial beholder pumps, and a atramentous clutch. This accouterments is so absolute for a summer's night out on the town, and can seamlessly booty you from banquet to a party! To advice you accomplish this attending yours, I begin this attractive sequined blazer from Victoria's Secret that is commensurable to Blake's. Add some atramentous high-waisted shorts, a low-cut white blouse with a atramentous bra peeking through, and these lace-up cossack booties and voilĂ ! You accept a adult aberration on a archetypal and simple outfit.

Generally, I like to add ancestor of blush to apparel with basal blush schemes, but in this case, the sequins allege so audibly that added blush isn't needed, abreast from the pop of gold on the clutch. Sometimes it's bigger to accumulate things simple and let your standout pieces shine!


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