Dreadlock Hairstyle picture

Dreadlocks can be either short, medium or long. Short dreadlock hairstyles are said to be harder to style because the hair is short and it is harder to grip in and to hold it in place. It might also be harder because it might be the first time the person in question has this styles and he or she has to get used to it. The advantage of short dreadlocks is that it dries faster. Professionals say that curls last longer in short dreadlocks than in the case of long hair, so this might be another benefit.

Medium dreadlocks are considered those which are of shoulder length. There are several ways to reach this style and there are a lot of things to do with it that are fun, for example braiding or twisting such as zigzag crinkles and flat twist style.

Long dreadlocks have the downside that they are heavy and so they are a lot harder to style because it is hard to keep the dreads in an up-do. Those dreadlocks that are waist length might cause neck pain when worn in an up-do because of the weight of the hair so you should avoid those hairstyles that have the dreadlocks on the crown. Still there are some upsides as well, for example in some cases the dreads can be used to hold itself in a certain position.


Although dreadlocks are easy to maintain, those people who think that they don’t have to wash the hair are terribly wrong. The dreadlocks have to be washed regularly. The best way to do this is to wash the hair just the way you would wash a sponge: work the shampoo in and then repeat squeezing and rinsing until you wash out the product. Be sure to use soap or shampoo that is free from residue. If you would like to use wax, use only small amounts. It is advisable to use a wax that is petroleum free.

I believe that you should think it well before getting dreadlocks because this isn’t a hairstyle that you can change the next day. Nevertheless it isn’t the end of the world if you change your mind; there are some techniques to get rid of dreadlocks without having to cut all of the hair.


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