Emo Tips

The important part of Emo is the attitude. You have to be apathetic and emotional. You have to act like the world is against you and you are completelw worthless. Total ego loss. After all, the term Emo comes from the attitude, which is emotional. Even if you aren't depressed, you have to have something to sulk about.

The general vibe
Emo is associated with being bitter, depressed, resentful, and insecure. The way you act is up to you, but as a guideline, you should carry yourself in a very quiet introverted way. This is not to say that Emos are never happy, but the majority of the time they give off a negative vibe. At the core though, you are really Emo because you are intelligent, thoughtful, quiet, sensitive, and intellectual... right?

Emos also are not scared to display their emotion, and can often be seen crying and screaming about problems in their life. Others may think you look like a basket case, but real Emos know that it's just the thing to do.

Many Emos also display cuts all over the underneath of their forearms. Cutting is supposed to be a way of relieving your pain, but it's also a
fashion statement to some Emos that just want to fit in.

Get a blog on several sites such as LiveJournal and MySpace, ang give a link to this emo blog -fashion-emo-hairstyles.blogspot.com and post about every single thing that goes wrong in your life... and there should bea lot of it. Whine and complain, act like you mean nothing to anyone, and then all of your Emo friends will come post comments about how 'It will be OK' and 'I love you' which will in turn bring you up, just to be dropped down again next time something goes wrong.


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