Vintage Hairstyles

Women's hairstyles in the 1980's were influenced by a variety of trends, including power suits, primetime dramas, and musical culture. The majority of hairstyles at this time emphasized volume and size, keeping with the decades concern with wealth and influence. While big hair seems to become popular in nearly every decade, the Eighties are famous for the astonishing variety of voluptuous hairstyles sported by women.

Other styles popular at the time mimicked the full, romantic fashions seen on popular soap's such as "Dallas" and "Knots Landing." The rise in popularity of New Wave music also influenced 1980's hairstyles, contributing to the rise in short, asymmetrical haircuts. The following images demonstrate some of the typical hairstyles common in the 1980's.

picture of vintage  hairstyle

image of 80s hairstyle

picture of 80s hairstyle

photo of short  hairstyle

picture of short  hairstyle


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