Celebrity hairstyles long hair

Moving closer to the present Alyssa could be wigging it for the day. Either way, her hair has layers about two inches from the bottom. The sides are smoothly angled to frame her face. The most important tip for this smooth look is not to forget that smoothing lotion for your ends.

Alyssa Milano with shoulderlength hair


Hayden Panettiere

Paris Hilton

Who doesn’t groove into the Holly watch and always hear about infamous Paris Hilton whose favorite color just happens to be pink. When she wears pink so does her toy Chihuahua that is comfortably nested inside of her pooch pouch.
Ms Hilton’s hair has no doubt extensions as it is smoothly flattened with a flat iron. Who of us can really say we are “ala natural?” She knows how to pose and what to wear to demand the attention she craves. Her hair is kept lightened with most likely a high volume tint and kept in perfect condition by her stylist. Sigh, such is the life of a celebrity.

Rachel Leigh Cook

Maggie Grace


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