Braided Hairstyles

Top Black Braided Hairstyles

Here have a countdown of our top braid designs that you can try and we dish-out a few helpful tips on how to maintain healthy hair and avoid damage and dryness.
Must-Try Braid Designs
The good thing about sporting a braided style with black and African American hair is that there is something that you can do to make it suited for every type of occasion. Whether you're spending a day out with your friends, rearing to go to work or if you have a red carpet-like social event that you want to attend, you can vary your braids to go along with your look and outfit.
So what are the top 5 must-try black braided hairstyles? Take a look at the following list.
  • Perfectly Pulled Back Braids - If you have long, flowing locks, you can have it in a braided, sophisticated style that is perfect for a date or a formal social occasion. Once braided, you can simply part your hair midway or a bit on the side of your face. Once the front part of your braids are separated, you can pull the hair back, take one braided strand at the back of your neck and use it as a 'scrunchee' to wrap the rest of your hair in a simple ponytail style. Jada Pinkett-Smith has sported this look at many red carpet events, and she looked absolutely fab wearing such hairstyle!
  • Micro Braids - The one celebrity that you will always see sporting micro braids is singer Alicia Keys. The good thing about wearing your hair in micro braids is that there is a myriad of looks that you can create. You can pull it back in a sophisticated chignon, a casual ponytail or just leave it loose.
  • Braids with Beads - Having your hair braided with beads is the perfect look if you are gearing for a long summer getaway in some exotic tropical island.
  • Short Black Braids - Short, easy to maintain and chic, having a short black braids hairstyle is a perfectly fuss-free hairstyle that you can wear.
  • Long Black Braided Style - Finally, you can go au naturel with a long black braided hairstyle that will perfectly frame your face.


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