Fine Hairstyles

Fine Hairstyles Fine Hairstyles Fine Hairstyles Fine Hairstyles
If you're having trouble finding great hairstyles for fine hair you're not alone! It can certainly be a bit of a challenge at times, but here are some tips to help you, and give you some guidance about what fine hair hairstyles are happening in 2007.
One thing that fine hair usually lacks is body, but the solution is a good, layered cut, as in some of the new pixie styles, which will add some body to fine hair. Layers add movement and this should make your hair flow. Movement minimizes the flat look that most women try to avoid.
Textured styles are good if you have fine hair, and most good stylists will have custom made texturing scissors to do this. Don't over blow dry fine hair it is all too easy to get split ends this way which will detract from the look you're trying to achieve.
With all the salon advice on TV and in the press you should be well aware by now that the use of a good product is an essential part of the process. Most professionals will tell you that a good hairstyle for fine hair relies on a boost from the right range of products. Volumizing shampoo can help, and volumizing mousse particularly is a must if you are to achieve a style that has bounce. But be careful with conditioner, too much and it can weigh down fine hair.
The new styles where the hair is cut shorter at the back and longer at the sides is a good style to try for fine hair. Victoria Beckham has adopted this type of crop and it really does give her hair some bounce. This style effectively adds movement to the hair and the texturing at the back adds the body your hair needs.
If you don't want your hair cropped then you might consider adding extra fullness with hair extensions. If you decide to do this then make sure that the hair used for the extensions is not too heavy, heavy hair extensions can pull on the roots of fine hair, making it thinner once the extensions are removed. Finally, take a look around the internet and you will find plenty of pictures of hairstyles for fine hair. We recommend the resource below, which enables you to "try on" lots of different hairstyles on your own photo, so you can quickly and easily see what works best for your fine hair! You can even print out the image of the hairstyle you prefer and take it to your hair stylist.


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