Thick Hairstyles

Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Hair - Top 5 Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Tresses

Hairstyles for Thick wavy hair can make you look stunning. If you have thick tresses along with wavy style too then you can try out any hairstyle which match your face type that make play with your locks . There are many hairstyles for thick and wavy hair and all the hairdos are great looking in their own way. Top 5 Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Tresses * Big Curls * Wet and Thick rolls * Straightening * Layers with extra bounce Let me tell you more about this in detail:  
1. Big Curls: All you women having big round face should try putting curls. The curls will automatically be thick as your hair texture is and the heavy look will make your face more attractive.  
2. Wet and Thick Rolls: This hairstyle would suit people with long locks. Your tresses will be rolled to form ringlets and to give that complete look; hair gel is added for a shiny, wet feel. Do not opt for this style if you have medium or short length locks as this hairdo would further make your hair look shorter.  
3. Straightening: It is another option for thick wavy hair. Since the texture is soft, the straightened hair will look more attractive. You can take some fringes too in the front and yes; a bit of blow dry can also be done. The straightening result comes best in thick locks.  
4. Layers with Extra Bounce - It is one of the best hairstyles for thick wavy tresses. This style would suit all the face cuts, may it be oval, triangular, rounds, thin, long or a square face.
5. Bobs with Short Curls - You can also go for a bob cut with small curls. This hairdo will surely give you a great look when done by a professional. Go for a golden color too, if you are opting for this one. In order to find out the most pleasing hairstyles for your face, you should preferably consult a hairdresser or carry out a hair makeover online. It is always advisable to recognize your face shape before taking up any haircut.


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