Choosing A Perfect Hairstyle for Long Hair

Women whose hair reaches to their waist or beyond are faced with a challenge when they want a new and exciting hairstyle without cutting away any of their hair. Many styles are designed for medium length hair; to the shoulders is the most common length. Some styles which claim to be for “long hair“ only work well for hair that reaches to the shoulder blades. The good news is, there are many beautiful styles which work well with very long hair, and which need not be difficult to wear. We‘ll look at three basic categories pictures of long hairstyle below.
The Braid

Long Braid Hairstyle PictureLong Braid Hairstyle Picture

The Bun or Knot

Long Bun Hairstyle PictureLong Bun Hairstyle Picture

The Ponytail (and Variations)

Long Ponytail Hairstyle Picture 1Long Ponytail Hairstyle Picture 1
Long Ponytail Hairstyle Picture 2Long Ponytail Hairstyle Picture 2


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