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An out of control teacher: This is either scary or a highly entertaining venue for students. Let’s consider the latter. How many students can deny that they get a quick and amusing thrill out of comments like this?
“This year there are going to be two types of students in my class - good students and bad students. Who’s bad in this class? Just try me, because I’m already starting a list, even if this is only the first day of class!”
Or how about this one?

“I’m waiting for quiet. I SAID I’m waiting for quiet. How LOUD do I have to scream before there’s quiet in this room? I said QUIET. QUIII---ETTT!!!”
Isn’t it funny how loud the requesting party is? If learning by example is a necessity in teaching, then surely constant screaming in a teacher reinforces loud behavior in students, whether it is on a conscious or subconscious level.


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