Emo Hairstyles

Emo, or the emotional punk movement, includes its own attitude, fashion and values along with emo hairstyles. The emos refuse to conform to the mainstream and adhere to the dictates of current fashion. As a result, emo has created its own fashion, and emo haircuts are distinctive with jet black hair, asymmetrical styles and bold highlights. Being emo means standing out from the crowd, and emo haircuts are often experiments created by friends rather than the kind of "dos" that can be created at a salon. You might even want to create your own emo hairstyles with a pair of scissors, dye and a razor.
With emo hairstyles, anything goes, as long as it doesn't look like something the prom queen or king would wear. Almost all emo women dye their hair jet black. Many emo men have jet black hair, but it is not universal. Any black dye will do, and the bolder the effect, the better. You need not be concerned about the dye job looking natural, since many emo hairstyles are obviously dyed. You might want to touch up the edges with frosted highlights, purple or blue, but make sure these colors show through the black dye.
Emo hairstyles do not require a professional stylist, and you are better off using your little brother's kindergarten scissors or a pair of shears than scissors designed for cutting hair. Don't worry about the hair being uneven; the more asymmetrical, the better. Many emo hairstyles feature a patch of triangular hair around the face or lopsided hair. It is a wonder how some emo hairstyles can allow their wearers to see anything, but most emos do manage to cross the street safely.


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